Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Review

The Solo3 Wireless on-ear from Beats is a great set for your everyday listening pleasure. It is pretty similar to its older sibling the Beats’ Solo2 Wireless.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The design is the same. On the inside is where you’ll find the huge change. Beats’ Solo3 is designed to use the W1 custom Bluetooth chip from Apple. This chip improves the battery life of the headphone greatly and what’s more, it further simplifies pairing of this headphone with an Apple device.

The Solo3 Wireless has an attractive design and finish. It is comfortable and fits really well. It remains in place even when you are taking part in vigorous exercise like running.

The Solo3 pairs and works really well with Android and all other Bluetooth-smart devices. It has the best battery life for among Bluetooth headphones with an incredible 40-hour battery life.

This is a great improvement from the 12 hours you get from the Solo2. Another cool battery-related feature is Beats’ Fast Fuel which allows you to gain 3 hours of battery life after charging for only 5 minutes.

You get a really great connection using the headphone and with the W1 chip you are able to easily switch between your various paired Apple devices.

This Wireless headphone is compact and folds up and neatly fits into the small carrying case that it comes with when you make the purchase.

The Solo3 produces a pretty balanced sound for an on-ear Bluetooth headphone. Bass enthusiasts will especially be pleased with the prominent bass.

This wireless headphone is ideal for use outdoors. The additional bass does a great job of combating ambient noise. Unfortunately though, the headphone does not lock out all of the ambient noise.

This headphone comes with an in-built microphone to enable you make phone calls. I found that the quality of the calls was alright could be better compared to other wireless cans in the same price range. You will find the controls for answering and ending calls as well as for skipping tracks on the ear cups.


The Beats’ Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphone;

  • is beautifully designed and finished,
  • is comfortable to wear,
  • sounds awesome on wired mode as well as on wireless,
  • has an easy to operate in-built remote control,
  • has W1 chip that simplifies pairing with Apple devices, and
  • has an amazing 40-hour battery life.


This Wireless on-ear headphone;

  • is really pricey, and
  • doesn’t sound as great as other wireless headphones in the same price range


The Solo3 Wireless on-ear headphone from Beats is a good looking and comfortable set. It sounds pretty good for an on-ear Bluetooth headphone and has the best battery life among all Bluetooth headphones in the market today. It is however really highly priced and regrettably doesn’t match the sound of other Bluetooth headphones with the same price tag. It is your everyday headphone if you don’t mind digging deeper into your pockets.

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