Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones Review

If you are keen on working out, then you know how demanding exercising is. Listening to music while working out keeps you entertained and motivated. Without a doubt you will need a great set of Bluetooth sports headphones to help you along. They are even better when they come wireless.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

All the sports headphones in the market today are not without their various drawbacks. After testing a number of Bluetooth sports headphones available in the market today, I have found that though not perfect, Bose’s Soundsport Wireless, the first Bluetooth Sports headphone created by Bose, comes pretty close to being perfect.

The Soundsport Wireless shares a lot of common with its older sibling, the Soundsport wired. Just like the Bose’s Soundsport wired, it has an open design.

This means that the ear bud doesn’t go all the way into your ear completely closing you out to the outside noises. Instead, the Soundsport Wireless comes with StayHear tips that sit loosely yet firmly in your ear.

They are available in small, medium and large. The earpieces protrude outside the ears so it may be a bit problematic wearing them under some types of helmets. They are also a little bulky though remain light.

Their open design unfortunately means that ambient sound sips through. Therefore, these wireless cans are more ideal for use in a quiet environment.

While the cord on these headphones isn’t adjustable, they come with a clip that you can attach to the top of your shirt or vest. This keeps the cord firmly in place and stable while you exercise.

This set of wireless headphones comes with an inline mic and remote that allows you to increase or reduce volume, play, pause and skip tracks as well as answer and make phone calls. The Bluetooth connection on these babies is top-notch.

These headphones are sweat and water resistant.

With the Soundsport, you enjoy seamless pairing with your device. You can also easily switch between two paired devices and answer calls without losing your connection.

The Soundsport boasts a battery life of 6 hours which though not great, is quite alright for a small headphone. It also comes with a very simple neoprene carrying case.

However, you also have the option of buying an accessory carrying case from Bose that has a built-in battery to facilitate charging while on the move. This battery case gives three full charges.

These in-ear sports headphones are easy to put on and take off. They also sound pretty good for in-ear sports Bluetooth headphones. They produce plenty of bass and have very natural sounding and warm midranges. The highs are however a little recessed.


The Soundsport Wireless;

  • is a comfy to wear,
  • is water and sweat resistant,
  • produces a great sound,
  • makes clear phone calls, and,
  • has an auto-off feature which preserves battery life.


  • the protrusion of the ear pieces of these babies is rather noticeable.
  • they are a bit bulky- though not heavy, and,
  • have battery life of only 6 hours at best.


The Soundsport Wireless from Bose is comfortable, sounds great and is not too pricey. As far as in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones go, these are, according to my assessment, the best you can purchase today.

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