Jabra Move Wireless Review

With the evolution of the Bluetooth headset sector day by day, it is becoming increasingly common to find wireless headphones that outdo their wired siblings in terms of performance and comfort. Today, music enthusiasts want to take their music everywhere with them. There’s no better way to do this than the wireless way.

Jabra MOVE Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Jabra Move is an efficient, robust and easy to use set of wireless cans that are also very affordable compared to other wireless headphones with the same capabilities in the market today.

Jabra Move which is available in black, blue or red is simply yet classily designed. It has a headband that is rather thin but very sturdy and flexible with a stainless steel frame. Black mesh covers the outer part of the headband and the inside part is covered with a gray mesh. The headband is well padded to give you maximum comfort when placed around your head.

Jabra Move wireless has very easy to use controls placed on both earphones. On the right one you’ll find the on button which also serves to initiate Bluetooth pairing. There’s also a USB port for charging the battery. On the left earphone, you will find a multipurpose button which allows you to play, pause and skip your tracks as well as receive and end phone calls. There is also a 3.5mm port for when you want to use your headphones in wired mode. This would most probably be in case your playback device isn’t Bluetooth smart.

The ear pads on these cans have foam cushion padding to ensure your comfort. Because they are relatively light in weight, you will experience no problem even on prolonged listening. Also thanks to their light weight, the Jabra Move wireless cans are ideal for running or other foams of work out routines.

Although the Jabra Move wireless headphones do not have an NFC module, connection is still very seamless. Just switch on the wireless connection mode, go to the list of Bluetooth devices available from your device, and select Jabra Move for an instant connection. There are voice prompts to guide you all the way.

Jabra Move Wireless boasts a battery life of up to 8 hours. This is however greatly determined by how high your volume is. During my test run on a moderate volume, I found I could squeeze up to 10 hours of play back time. Also note that you can still enjoy listening even after your battery dies simply by connecting your Jabra Move using the audio cable provided. A full charge will require 2 hours tops.

The Jabra Move Wireless produces a smooth, warm, dynamic and well balanced sound. It handles the lows rather well while still maintaining the bass without overpowering the rest of the frequencies. It delivers a solid punch of bass and both the acoustics and vocals are crystal clear. It has a pleasant and wide soundstage. Although these headphones do not have active noise cancellation, their ear cups provide passive noise cancellation thanks to their generous padding. You also get to enjoy clear phone calls free from static and buzzing noise.


The Jabra Move Wireless;

  • is light weight and comfy.
  • can connect to virtually any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • can be hardwired in case the battery dies.
  • is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • has a long wireless range.
  • has battery life of up to 8 hours.


These wireless cans from Jabra;

  • do not come with a carry case
  • do not fold making them less portable.
  • do not have active noise cancellation.


The Jabra Move Wireless are a discreet and comfortable set. Their sound quality is amazing. They are also very affordable. If what you are looking for is a dependable Bluetooth for less, then go for these. They are a great buy!

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