Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 Review

Over the years, Plantronics has made a name making mono wireless headsets and have just started venturing into the business of wireless stereo headphones. Their latest big invention is the BackBeat Pro2, a superior over-the-ear noise cancelling headphone. This baby comes loaded with tons of really cool features.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Special Edition - Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are looking to compare, this headphone is in the same league as headphones from superior brands such as Bose. The design on this headphone looks rather business like and thus may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Though not light in weight, this headphone is very well built and quite comfortable to wear. You will however notice that like is the case with most over-the-ear headphones, prolonged wear may cause your ears to somewhat warm up especially if the weather is more on the warmer side.

While this headphone is ideally for use at the office or in the house, you can also use on the go. it folds up flat making it portable. The sturdy, good looking carrying case that you get with the purchase comes in handy during travel. it also comes with a headphone cable that has an in-line control remote to allow you to use it in corded form in case the battery dies on you unexpectedly.

The BackBeat Pro 2 has really easy to use controls. On the right earcup is an easy to feel/see ring which is the volume control while on the left one, is a similar ring which is the transport control. This particular ring facilitates skipping of tracks back and forth.

One other cool feature you are bound to really take to is how when you rest the BackBeat Pro 2 on your neck upon taking it off, the music automatically pauses. Upon putting your headphone on, the music starts playing! How cool is that?! Note that you can disable this feature easily by pressing the mute and call buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds.
This headphone has NFC for Android devices that support it. Simply tap device on headphone to initiate pairing. Its Advanced Bluetooth technology extends the wireless range to up to 100 meters (10 times more than the usual 10 meter Bluetooth range) when using a device that’s Bluetooth smart.

This baby is also AptX-enabled. This allows for improved audio streaming via Bluetooth. It also functions as a headset with the in-built microphone facilitating taking calls. You will be happy to know the calls are pretty clear.

Though not the absolute best sounding, I did find that the BackBeat Pro 2 sounds pretty good especially considering that it is a Bluetooth headphone. It gives a pretty full bass with a bit treble.

The BackBeat Pro 2 boasts an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours while both the Bluetooth and Noise cancelling features are on and 60 hours if used in wired mode with the noise cancelling feature on.

The noise-cancelling on this headphone is pretty good and with a simple touch of a button, you can activate the openMic mode. This basically pushes your music to the background whilst amplifying environmental sounds, hence enabling you to have a conversation with someone without taking off the headphones.


The BackBeat Pro 2;

  • is sturdily designed,
  • is comfortable.
  • produces considerably good sound,
  • has great noise-cancellation,
  • is portable,
  • has great battery life, and
  • is affordable.


This headphone;

  • has a too professional design,
  • is quite heavy, and
  • has a little too much bass and treble.


With its excellent battery life and decent noise-cancellation, not to mention the array of cool features, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 is a smart choice.

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