Sony MDR-1000X Review

Sony is a trusted brand name but for a while now they have had to take second position after Bose when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones.But finally! Sony’s engineers have managed to create a noise cancelling headphone that is in the same league as the Bose’s QC35. Sony calls it the MDR-1000x and is, according to Sony, the most advanced headphone, in terms of technology.

Sony Headphone MDR1000XB

This baby comes with wireless Bluetooth connectivity as well as adaptive noise-cancellation in a posh looking chassis, as well as a ton of other cool features.

The MDR-1000x is an evolution from Sony’s MDR-1ABT, a wired headphone and has pretty much the same drivers as it. It has microphones both on the outside and inside of the ear cups.

The microphones on the outside measure ambient noise and the microphones on the inside basically take account for the shape of your head and ears.

This trademark feature from Sony is known as Sense Engine. What it does is that it tailors the noise-cancelling to you, individually. It gives the option to choose different settings allow you to let in more ambient noise or block out everything but voices.

This comes in handy when you are sitting at the airport lobby listening to your music and still wanting to hear the announcements.

One other pretty awesome feature has got to be the ability to muffle your music when you want to pay attention to outside world, like have a brief conversation with someone merely by holding your hand over your right ear cup, right where the controls are situated. When you are done with your chat, just remove your hand and your music goes back to playing immediately at the volume you had set before and the noise cancelling takes effect immediately too.

The MDR-1000x has a great battery life of up to 20 hours and what’s more, you get a cord just in case you fancy listening in wired mode.

No power is required for use in corded form meaning you can still listen even if the battery dies. I did however find that it sounds way better as a powered headphone in wired mode.

Also, because it is a hi-res headphone just like most of other latest inventions from Sony, it uses LDAC format from Sony which is said to enhance sound quality. However, to enjoy this feature, you will have to have a Sony music player with LDAC.

Another awesome feature is that this wireless headphone is the first to have Digital Sound Enhancement Engine or DSEE HXTM built in. DSEE HXTM up scales compressed music from alternative sources to equal hi-res audio sound quality in wired and wireless mode.

These wireless headphones produce relatively balanced, clear sound with great detail and a punch in the bass that is natural sounding with a not too forward mid-range.


The Sony MDR-1000x;

  • produce excellent sound,
  • are comfortable to wear,
  • have great noise-cancelling features, and
  • have a great battery life of up to 20 hours.


The MDR-1000x may not be so great a headset as its adaptive noise-cancelling feature may be a little too noticeable at times.


The MDR-1000x are a great set of Bluetooth headphones with fantastic sound quality especially for Bluetooth headphones. They are comfortable to wear and their noise cancellation is so great it can only be compare to Bose’s QC35. They are also fairly priced.  If comfort, affordability and great sound with zero distortion is what you are looking for, then get the MDR-1000x. They will not let you down.


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