V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Headphones Review

V-Moda is not new in the headphone making business. In fact just a few years ago, they created the very impressive Crossfade M-100. Now they have gone and created an even more impressive version of the same, the Crossfade Wireless.

This is a comfortable and fairly priced premium Bluetooth headphone. If you have had experience with Crossfade M-100, you will notice that on the outside, it looks pretty similar to the Crossfade Wireless, save for a few changes in the left ear cup to encompass the rechargeable battery. This lithium-ion battery will give you up to 12 hours of battery life on one charge. This is quite impressive for a Bluetooth headphone.

The Crossfade Wireless must be one of the select few that work well in both wired and wireless mode. And although it has a single microphone, it is a high quality one and ensures decent sound quality when making phone calls.
It may not have active noise-cancellation, but its contoured ear pads will enable you to block out most of the external noise.

This headphone is quite heavy, is pretty sturdily built and also comes with a protective carrying case. It also comes with different size cushions for the padding that further enhance the level of comfort. I personally liked the XL ones best.
You will find that the Crossfade Wireless sounds great for a Bluetooth headphone with the treble being somewhat hyped and the bass quite powerful. The mids are very natural sounding. You will especially appreciate the extra bass if you love listening to EDM.

A cool feature you will love is that you can customize the look on this headphone like all others from V-Moda with a wide selection of shield options and what’s even more exciting; you can present your own design!


The Crossfade Wireless from V-Moda;

  • is ruggedly and sturdily built,
  • has pretty good battery life,
  • works fabulously in both wired and wireless mode,
  • is comfortable to wear,
  • comes with a protective carrying case, and
  • has shields that can be customized.


This set of Bluetooth headphone;

  • is quite heavy.


If what you are looking for is a well built and powerful sounding headphone, get the V-MODA Crossfade wireless headphones. They are not only comfy but are also reasonably priced.

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